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What is kangen water?

What is kangen water?

Get ready for a sip of heaven with Kangen Water, the magical elixir born from Enagic's revolutionary Kangen water machines.

These nifty devices sit on your kitchen counter, connected to your tap, and work wonders with their built-in filters.

These filters zap away nasty culprits like chlorine, bacteria, odours, lead, rust and other pesky pollutants.

But that's not all! They also use electrolysis to restructure your water into ionized alkaline and acidic waters that can be used for a variety of purposes like cooking, cleaning or even beauty treatments.

But let's talk about the drinking water setting, where the Kangen machine creates a range of pH levels that will have you bouncing with energy. This super water is packed with active molecular hydrogen, one of the most powerful antioxidants known to humanity.

It's no wonder that Japanese hospitals have been using these machines for almost five decades, harnessing their alkalising and hydrating powers. And, brace yourself for the best part: thousands of people worldwide, including myself, have experienced jaw-dropping health transformations after drinking Kangen water.

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Enagic Trifecta is made up of K8, Anespa, and UkonDD products, which are sold to potential members. The Anespa Shower is the first product purchased by new members, followed by the K8 Water Ionizer machine, and then the Ukon. Members earn $340 for the K8 and $40 for the Ukon, resulting in total commissions of $380. Direct sales go into the 2A and can earn up to $1,130 in commission as a 2A. Ranking up to 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A requires team sales, and the Ukon DD must be active for at least a year, with three renewals, to become a permanent ID. The cost of a Trifecta varies by country and financing options are available.

Quadzilla (K8 + K8 + Anespa + UkonDD): A Unique Opportunity for Your Home and Business!

This Trifecta bundle includes an additional K8 Water Ionizer machine that can be used as a "loaner" for potential buyers or installed in another sink in your home. The extra machine also earns you an additional 2 points of commission on your own K8 purchase – that's $730 in commissions! Remember, duplication is key in this business. How you start is how your leads will start, so investing in this bundle can set you up for success. If your budget or credit score allows, take advantage of this amazing offer.

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Stuff to know!

Things you gotta know, so here you go!

How to Start

Ready to jump on the Kangen water bandwagon? Here's the deal: start sipping on the 8.5 pH level water. Guzzle at least half your weight in ounces every day, bumping it up to 3/4 if you're a gym buff, have a strenuous job, or health troubles. Once you've comfortably quenched your thirst for two weeks, level up to 9.0 pH. After another two weeks, hit the jackpot and reach for 9.5 pH. Cheers to a hydrated and healthy you!

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Cleanse side effects

Sipping on high pH water might trigger a sudden cleanse and cause some wacky symptoms, like headaches, skin problems, or loose bowels. Don't panic! Your body might be letting go of some stored gunk and acidic waste. To help your body flush out these impurities, drink more water! If the symptoms persist, try lowering the pH level of your water and gradually increase the volume until the symptoms subside.

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